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Welcome to our financial clinic!

Like a medical clinic, our financial clinic is here to care for your company's financial health. We know that financial success is not achieved overnight, it requires a strategic, careful, and diligent approach. But they don't have to do it alone. Our financial experts are here to provide you with the guidance and support you need.

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Qualified consultants


Financial, Tax and Accounting Consulting Hours

We provide great services

Welcome to this world of financial planning and tax auditing! In today's world, financial and tax management is more important than ever for the success of companies.

Qualified consultants

Highly trained financial consultants focused on providing customized solutions. With an objective perspective that helps maximize financial opportunities while minimizing risks.

Years of Experience

We provide customized and effective solutions to companies' financial challenges and growth opportunities. Which leads to greater success and profitability for companies in the long term.

Specialized services

At APN Analyze we develop services that adjust to the different nuances that a company may have, in order to help you achieve financial success.


One of the greatest virtues is having time for yourself. That is why at APN we always seek to have qualified advisors available to meet your requirements on time.

Great support

By e-mail, WhatsApp, Website, Social Media, or just a Call you may reach us anytime ass soon as possible to help you.

Guaranteed results

By entrusting us with your financial planning and tax audit, you can be sure that you will receive results that will boost your business.

Our services

Financial planning is a process that involves setting financial goals, assessing the current financial situation, identifying strategies for achieving goals, and monitoring progress over time.

Design of managerial financial reports

Management Financial Reporting Design: P&G, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow

Budget analysis and financial indicators.

Análisis horizontal, Análisis vertical, Análisis presupuestario e indicadores financieros.

gestión de tesorería y Capital de Trabajo

Soluciones que optimizan la gestión de los recursos monetarios de su empresa.

Asesoramiento para Valoración de Empresas

Identificar y evaluar supuestos críticos para una valoración cuantitativa y cualitativa.

Accounting Outsourcing

Externalice la gestión financiera y contable de su empresa con APN. Despreocupese por actividades como facturación, contabilidad y la preparación de impuestos.

Project evaluation and capital structure

Evaluate financing options to identify the best capital structure for business projects.

Audit of Financial Statements

Independent and objective verification of a company's financial statements' accuracy, completeness, and compliance.

Tax Audit

A detailed review of a company's taxes and tax obligations to ensure regulatory compliance and tax optimization.

What our healed business or clients say

"At our financial planning company, we are committed to providing innovative and customized financial solutions for our enterprise clients. But we don't just take our word for it, listen to what our satisfied customers have to say:

As Do Brand, we worked with them to create a solid business plan that allow us to expand our operations without compromising our profitability. By implementing their financial strategies, APN Analyze managed our income and it makes our money increase and our profitability by 30% in just 6 months, which allowed us to grow our business and improve our position in the market.

David Jiménez

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We are a firm specialized in financial analysis and planning, review of accounting reports, analysis of indicators and accounting outsourcing solutions. Our goal is to help companies raise awareness and demonstrate the importance of financial planning and resource optimization through the proper management of their finances. Our firm is backed by years of knowledge and extensive knowledge base.

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